Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eat All you Can @ Cebu Grand Convention: The Grand Majestic

The Grand Convention Center of Cebu, located at Archibishop Reyes Avenue near the Waterfront Hotel and a walking distance to the Ayala Center Cebu, are often a place for all sorts of events, weddings, conferences, and eat-outs! We celebrated Dad's Birthday with an Eat All you Can @ Cebu Grand Convention: The Grand Majestic!

Inside the Cebu Grand Convention Center is a wide spacious area that can accommodate hundreds of guests. Lot's of space for people and food!

Round 1 of food, I really can't remember once again but it was delicious!!

Round 2, same, can't remember but they all found a place in my tummy ^_^

Round 3; pinogos pero gikaon gihapon hahahah

Dessert, yes folks, there is a dessert and mind you this is a world record for me..I'm even surprised what I can put in my tummy!!

nomnomnomnomnomnomnom :D BUSUG!

Mga kuyug nga gipangkuraw pud: Hannah (Sister), Donnalyn (Cousin) & my MOM!!!

For inquiries, you may call any of these phone numbers: 231.5876 / 231.6982 / 231.9815 / 232.1103 / 232.0990 / 232.1267. Their fax number is 231.9815.
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